About Us

About Us

Let us help you to make a difference...


Aztec Productions is a corporate video production company delivering a wide range of video solutions.

Based in Scotland, just outside Edinburgh, our long list of videos delivered includes web clips, conference inserts, events coverage, promotional films, training videos, drama productions and Business TV programmes to a variety of high profile clients. 

Clients include Royal London, Sainsbury's Bank, Aegon UK, NHS Scotland, Scottish Water, EDF Renewables, Ryden Property, Glasgow Caledonian University, Education Scotland, Perceptive, Oxford Medical Training, Scottish Equitable, Historic Scotland and the Scottish Government.

We’re big believers that one size does not fit all - there’s a bespoke video production solution to suit every brief and we''ll use every ounce of our 20+ years' experience and creativity to deliver the perfect film for you.

We are different

Because we used to be on your side of the desk

Video is an incredibly powerful form of communication. For many businesses and brands it now sits right at the heart of their digital strategies. It can help you create a strong corporate brand identity, share your key messages and engage both internal and external audiences.

With a communications and marketing background,  we were the clients hiring other video teams for many years. Then in 2005, we decided we could do it better ourselves. And more cost effectively.

That means that we understand your needs better than most, we talk in plain English and, most importantly, we know what works.

20+ years
1000+ projects
3000+ films & videos

WHY VIDEO? Reason#1

People love watching videos

They're accessible, entertaining, and often educational. By not using video, businesses can miss out on a huge audience - and lose potential profit.


WHY VIDEO? Reason#2

Videos get shared

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, video is constantly shared on social media - increasing your visibility and views with little to no extra effort.

WHY VIDEO? Reason#3

Good videos can drive sales

Video content is engaging for customers. By including them on product and service pages, you can boost conversions and drive sales more than you'd ever expect.

WHY VIDEO? Reason#4

Videos can build relationships

Well-tailored content can give your brand an aspect of reliability, trust, and honesty - values important to consumers looking to connect with a business.

WHY VIDEO? Reason#5

Video is available anywhere, anytime

It isn’t just adaptable and engaging. It’s also easy to consume, both at the desktop and on the go. It's a vital tool for reaching any large audience.

WHY VIDEO? Reason#6

Video makes learning easy

Reading about baking a cake is painful compared to just watching a chef who teaches you how to do it.  Digital audiences prefer to consume videos.